Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is coaching?   Coaching is defined by the International Coaching Federation as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole.”
  2. How is coaching different from therapy? Therapy is provided by a licensed professional of psychology or social work in treatment of mental health illness. Clients in therapy have a medical diagnosis. Therapy helps clients reach a healthy level of mental functioning. In contrast, coaches work with clients who are in good mental health and help them reach their goals and potential.
  3. How is coaching different from consulting? Consultants are subject matter experts who provide advice on specific problem to the client. Coaches work with the client to assist them with self-exploration, identifying obstacles, planning solutions that work for them and moving toward their potential.
  4. What are your credentials? Tanya has a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing, a Masters Degree of Science in Organizational Psychology and am a Certified Professional Coach.
  5. Who trained you? Tanya was trained through the Academy of Creative Coaching, Atlanta Ga. Their program is highly recognized and is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. 
  6. Are you licensed? Tanya is licensed as a registered nurse in the state of Minnesota. At this time, organizational psychologists and coaches do not require licensure. She is currently working toward credentialing through the International Federation of Coaching.
  7. Do you have a specialty? Yes, Tanya specializes in professional and career coaching. She is also trained in life and relationship coaching, which may be required in conjunction with professional and career coaching to meet your work related goals. She further focuses on working with healthcare workers, including physicians, specialists, nurses, technologists, support staff, leadership and managers.
  8. Do you have a specific philosophy or belief system?  STRIVE Professional’s philosophy is that everyone has the power within them to make changes that positively enhance their life. As a coach, it is Tanya’s honor to walk beside clients to offer perspective, tools and support as they find their own power to enrich their life.
  9. What are your coaching assumptions? STRIVE Professional’s coaching assumptions are that each client is an expert in themselves and hold the directions of their own path to success/happiness. Tanya believes that each client has their unique power to unlock the obstacles occurring in their life. She believes that each client has their own combination of strengths that can be used to fulfill their potential.
  10. Are there agreements that you require? Yes, STRIVE Professional has a coaching agreement that outlines Tanya’s responsibility as a coach and your responsibility as a client. Within that agreement are the financial responsibility, International Coaching Federation ethical practice and cancellation policy.  
  11. What can your client expect from you? Tanya will believe in you, will come to each session with you as the focus, and will be present, non-judgmental, discrete and confidential as detailed in the agreement. She will support you and keep you accountable to yourself in the ways most effective for you.
  12. What are your expectations of your client? Clients are asked to keep an open and curious mind, to be honest with themselves, to commit to the process and to be patient with the process and themselves. 
  13. What happens if I don’t achieve my goals? Achieving your goals is within your ability. Meeting goals doesn’t happen overnight. There may be several goals that need to be met before you achieve your ultimate goal. Goal achievement takes time and work. Through the process, you may feel that goals need to be amended or you may realize that your goals are evolving. Working with a coach will help you through this process.
  14. On what days and times do you schedule coaching sessions? STRIVE Professional has a variety of appointment times for scheduling clients Monday – Sunday. There is also flexible scheduling times to meet the unique schedule challenges clients may have.
  15. How long is a session? Each coaching session lasts 60 minutes.
  16. How will we meet for coaching sessions? Coaching sessions are scheduled face to face (in absence of COVID,) Zoom video conferencing and by phone. 
  17. Do you assign homework between sessions? Clients determine what they would like to work on at each session and create their own plan, goals and actions. The client determines what they would like to work on between sessions and this may include work between sessions as discussed with the coach. Tanya is there to coach through this process, support the client and offer accountability that works for them. Coaching with STRIVE Professional is completely client driven. 
  18. Do you bill by the session or do you offer packages? There are both hourly rates and package rates. Packages are encouraged as coaching takes place over time and package rates will cost you less money over the course of your coaching path.
  19. What form of payment do you accept? Payment is accepted through Square using Visa and MasterCard.
  20. Do you take Insurance? STRIVE Professional services are not covered by insurance and health spending accounts do not cover coaching.
  21. Do you offer discounts or sliding fees? Fees are standard for all clients. There are limited pro bono programs to clients who have an urgent need, but may have financial constraints.
  22. Do you allow payment plans? It is understood that packages may be difficult to pay in full prior to commencing coaching and payment plans are accepted. Payment plans must be up to date to attend your scheduled sessions. .
  23. Can I speak to other satisfied clients? Current or past clients are not asked to speak to potential clients. There are testimonials from clients that have received my coaching services.